Warehouses frequently have large, windowless halls with high shelving constructions and relatively narrow aisles where workers need to move quickly and safely.

Custom LED Systems from Go Active LED

Ideal lighting solutions provided by Go Active LED are high-performance and durable LED systems with narrow or narrow-wide distribution reflectors and high levels of glare reduction. Optimum visual conditions must exist when looking up towards the hall ceiling as well, for example when sorting goods at high heights with forklift trucks.

The bright, even illumination speeds production and helps identify parts, isolate problems, and avoid on-the-job accidents.

Advanced LED lighting systems from Go Active LED provides lighting that renders colors more accurately with less heat, gains efficiency at lower temperatures and saves up to 70% on energy costs. Zero strike time is a bonus

Warehouses are also typically large areas only entered for short periods of time and infrequently. To save energy, LED lighting solutions with light management systems featuring presence detection only switched on if people are in the detection range.

We Deliver Improved Lighting

Advanced LED lighting technology from Go Active LED can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional manufacturing lighting options, while further lowering energy usage by reducing the load on air conditioning and cooling systems due to significantly lower heat generation.

We Will Convert Your Manufacturing Facility to Advanced LED Lighting without capital expense

We will deliver a complete turnkey implementation of the new LED lighting system

We Guarantee Your Energy Saving

Go Active LED will do an investment grade analysis of your lighting requirements and detail the new LED lighting design. Go Active LED will then guarantee that you receive the energy reductions that we forecast.

We will maintain your new LED lighting system for 10 years at no expense to you.