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LED Lighting for the Processing Industry

Go Active LED has advanced LED lighting solutions that span the processing industry. Our LED lighting and control systems are of special value in processing industries such as:

Food processing

In the food industry strict hygiene and quality standards must be met to protect human health. According to the International Featured Standards (IFS), all work areas in food processing must be adequately illuminated, and all lighting equipment must be protected against shattering and secured against breakage to prevent contamination of the food product. Advanced LED lighting systems from Go Active LED deliver high illuminance levels and excellent color rendition, helping employees in food processing plants identify and eliminate foreign matter while monitoring food freshness and quality reliably.

Chemicals and plastics processing

Light requirements in the chemical and plastics industry can vary greatly. While a factory floor needs good general lighting throughout, process control stations equipped with computer screens and instrument displays depend on higher light levels as well as glare and reflection control. Wherever chemicals are handled and processed, lighting fixtures need special vapor protection. Go Active LED offers a wide range of advanced LED lighting and control equipment perfectly adapted to these conditions.

We Deliver Improved Lighting

Advanced LED lighting technology from Go Active LED can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional manufacturing lighting options, while further lowering energy usage by reducing the load on air conditioning and cooling systems due to significantly lower heat generation.

We Will Convert Your Manufacturing Facility to Advanced LED Lighting without capital expense

We will deliver a complete turnkey implementation of the new LED lighting system

We Guarantee Your Energy Saving

Go Active LED will do an investment grade analysis of your lighting requirements and detail the new LED lighting design. Go Active LED will then guarantee that you receive the LED reductions that we forecast.

We will maintain your new LED lighting system for 10 years at no expense to you.