University of North Texas Health Science Center


The parking garage at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth was run down and not in use for a few years before the University decided to renovate it and make it available again to students and faculty. Part of the project was to replace the existing deteriorating fluorescent light fixtures with a more energy efficient solution.


LED Lighting Group, LLC, a full-service LED lighting consulting firm and Ringdale reseller, recommended the University replace the fluorescents with Ringdale ActiveLED 52 watt Parking Garage Lights. "The ActiveLED fixture outperformed other LED lights in a test while offering an impressive payback" said Robert Short, Project Engineer, University of North Texas Health Science Center. The project required the installation of 101 ActiveLED Parking Garage Lights, which reduced energy consumption by 67% while improving the distribution of light and increasing light levels. The fixtures will provide a payback in less than two years and reduce CO2 emissions by over 1.1 million pounds in a 10-year period.


"Quality lighting is very important in this garage" Short said. "The ActiveLED fixture has reduced energy consumption and improved the safety and ambience of the garage". Energy producer rebates and federal tax incentive programs in place to support the replacement of inefficient fluorescents with sustainable LED fixtures made the decision even easier. "These rebates and incentives helped the University make the move to LED lighting for the parking garage, and will be an important consideration for future retrofit and new construction projects" added Short.