The Aventura


The Aventura at Addison Circle, a luxury condominium complex located in one of the fastest growing communities within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, was seeking to replace high wattage Metal Halide lighting fixtures in the parking garage with more energy efficient, environmentally safe lighting. The condominium board not only wanted to "go green" but also receive rebates from their energy producer that encourages commercial customers to upgrade to LED lighting.


LED Lighting Group, LLC, of Fort Worth, Texas, a full-service LED lighting consulting firm and Ringdale reseller, introduced a parking garage lighting solution to Aventura using Ringdale ActiveLED Parking Garage Lights. The solution involved replacing the existing 48 Metal Halide light fixtures at 175 watts each, consuming a total of 8,400 watts, with 48 ActiveLED Parking Garage light fixtures at 52 watts each, for a total of 2,496 watts. "The ActiveLED lights are excellent energy savers" says Pete Willding, General Manager at Aventura. "We expect to save thousands of dollars a year in reduced electricity usage." In addition, LED lighting helped the Aventura qualify for the energy producer rebates. "Working with LLC on the energy rebate program enabled us to receive our rebates in a timely fashion" Willding said. From a "green" standpoint, LED lighting is environmentally sustainable since there is no mercury content in LEDs, and they last much longer, which reduces maintenance costs.


The "before and after" pictures show a dramatic contrast between the Metal Halide lighting and the LED lighting. The net effect for residents is that the light levels in the parking garage is significantly enhanced, improving visibility and security. "The residents are all pleased with the new LED lighting fixtures in the parking garage" Willding says. Overall, the ActiveLED lights will save Aventura at least 70% in energy usage, providing an impressive payback of less than two years.