Nitro Swimming


The Austin area's premier competitive swimming and swim lessons club, Nitro Swimming, was preparing to build a West Austin location to meet the growing demand of its customers. Nitro Swimming Owner Mike Koleber knew that he wanted to duplicate as many features as possible at the new location as at his existing Cedar Park/North Austin facility except for the lighting -- the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were failing at a high rate from moisture seeping into them. Replacement costs were as much as $7,000 a year. Koleber was determined to solve this dilemma at the new complex.


After conducting a successful assessment of ActiveLED Wall Wash Lights at the existing facility, the new location received 32 Wall Wash Lights at 52 watts each, for a total of 1,664 watts. The results have had an immediate payback in terms of better illumination and no maintenance. At night, the ActiveLED lights create a uniform, brilliant white light over the Olympic-sized pool.

In a humid environment like an indoor swimming complex, ActiveLED solid-state lighting performs much better than any conventional lighting because the fixtures are sealed and rated for damp locations. Another advantage is that ActiveLED lighting uses up to 85% less energy and lasts far longer than conventional lighting. Rated at 90,000 lumen hours (24/7 is 8,760 hours per year), ActiveLED lights are the most sustainable, longest lasting LED fixtures on the market.

Ringdale offers a complete line of ActiveLED fixtures suitable for indoor and outdoor sports facilities including gymnasiums, coliseums and stadiums. For advanced lighting control capabilities, ActiveLED fixtures can be interconnected with LightSpace management controls for additional savings.


Better light with fewer watts. No maintenance. All with a 10-year warranty. "We couldn't be happier," Koleber said.

Nitro Swimming's customers are also impressed with ActiveLED's light output. "Our customers have commented on how they love the improved light quality," added Koleber. "We have a lot of evening classes for children and adults. The lights seem to fill the pool with natural daylight, making it a very pleasant experience. It's a nice effect to have along with the energy and operational savings."