Manchester Paper Box


When Manchester Paper Box (1964) Ltd (MPB) asked Carbon Consultancy Company (CCC), a carbon measurement and reduction strategies consultancy and Ringdale reseller, to investigate the current lighting at its box making facility in Cheadle Heath, Stockport, they had no idea what impact a replacement lighting solution would have. CCC simply went about providing an alternative lighting solution as well as accessing any available funding to assist project costs.


A solution using Ringdale ActiveLED Lighting throughout MPB's factory/warehouse/office space provided an unexpected wealth of benefits impacting lighting levels, lighting and maintenance costs, CO2 reduction and the health, safety and welfare of their staff:

Significantly improved lighting levels in the facility – existing lighting was below minimum standards
Drastically reduced running costs of lighting – existing lighting was a significant proportion of energy costs on site
Lower maintenance costs – ActiveLED lighting lasts for up to four times longer than traditional lighting and with lighting at a 30-foot working height, reducing the times that staff need to be working at these heights was a massive health and safety advantage
Considerably improved the company environmental image with large CO2 reductions – the company trades with retailers who are demanding a more conscious supplier.


The ActiveLED solution for Manchester Paper Box will provide a return on investment of less than three years. When CCC presented these figures to the MPB Managing Director, Clare Slack, she considered the project a "no brainer". "The new lighting scheme is fantastic" Slack said. "It will help MPB remain profitable and gain more business. Employees have been very positive about the lighting from the ActiveLED fixtures -- production staff is now working in a much safer environment. But perhaps equally important, I have two kids under 10 and reducing CO2 emissions is something I feel I need to do to help conserve the environment for our future generations".