Don Dario's Mexican Restaurant


When owner Dario Gonzalez decided to build the second installment of his popular eatery in Austin, Texas, he relied on project manager Bradley Samuels to find as many "green" alternatives as possible without breaking the budget. Samuels, owner of E.J. Bradley Co. in Round Rock, Texas, knew from experience that lighting was going to be an integral part of making the new building more energy efficient. The challenge would be to incorporate traditional style with LED lighting technology.


"Ringdale's ActiveLED lighting solutions were perfect for the restaurant as well as the outdoor parking area", says Samuels. For special lighting above the restaurant's booth spaces, they turned iconic south-of-the-border décor into a state-of-the-art fixture using a whimsical sombrero-shaped light shade and a 7-watt ActiveLED Pendant Light. The main dining area, bar and hallways were illuminated with ActiveLED 6" can downlights and the kitchen with ActiveLED 2' x 4' recessed panel lights. The exterior is accented with ActiveLED outdoor wall sconces, wall packs and parking lot lights.


The end result is a visually appealing environment with a mixture of festive and practical lighting that will save significant amounts of energy as well as operate for at least 20 years with no maintenance issues.