City of Longmont


The City of Longmont, Colorado, just north of Denver, initiated an LED street light test in fall 2009. Longmont was eager to save energy but they were hopeful of alleviating their maintenance burden.

The initial test was located in a large parking lot supporting Main Street business, and consisted of LEDs that were the equivalent of 150-watt high pressure sodium cobra head-style lights. Twelve manufacturers participated in the six-month test. Foot candle measurements, power consumption, power factor and weight of each fixture were factors tested and measured.


ActiveLED reseller Caberra Systems was awarded the first live test based upon test results using ActiveLED SL Series Street Lights. The ActiveLED Street Light showed to be the most efficient, offered the longest warranty, and produced the highest number of foot candles. As a result, Longmont purchased an initial 27 ActiveLED SL Series Lights at 48 watts each.

The ActiveLED light fixtures received positive endorsement based upon delivered illumination, controlled light spread, quality and most importantly efficiency. “We learned about the importance of the color temperature range. We like 4000-5500K CCT which is a clear mid-day white light that allows improved image recognition and true color rendering,” said Jerry Darmafall, City Electrical Engineer.

Longmont continues to test ActiveLED in other environments: warehouse, Police Department parking and building exteriors.


Based upon the data gathered during the test and the live ActiveLED installation, Longmont was awarded the Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program. This grant will enable a large scale rollout of LED technology in Longmont.

Longmont released official results from the test and ActiveLED was most efficient by more than 50% compared to Phillips-Lumec, BetaLED, LED Roadway, LeoTech, Eco-Fit, Mule Lighting, Cooper-Lumark and more.