Andice Church


Andice Baptist Church in Andice, Texas, near Austin, caters to an active and dedicated congregation. Its early history dates back to about 1851, near the same spot where a new church was completed in 2009. When the building project began, plans were made to make it as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Energy-saving measures were a big consideration to conserve spending and also to demonstrate environmental leadership.


While the church didn't have a huge budget to spend, lighting was a factor, as the new building's exterior and parking lot were much larger than before. "We quadrupled in size" said Jason Sikes, a deacon at Andice Baptist Church and chairman of the building committee. "The increased space is wonderful for our church, but it created a need for expanded lighting". He also pointed out that the previous parking lot lighting was dim. "During spring and summer months, outdoor lighting is not really a necessity, but during the fall and winter when our congregation gathers at night, it is important" Sikes added. Although the building contractor was familiar with LED lighting, it was a new consideration for most of the church's committee members.


"We were pleased at how Ringdale ActiveLED Lighting was bright yet not as intrusive to the eye" Sikes recalled, "It was quite different and better than any other lighting". The committee was also surprised at the return on investment that LED lighting will give them over conventional lighting with virtually no maintenance costs. A calculation of the LED lighting's return estimates it will save the church 75% in energy costs over a 10-year period. "We wanted outdoor lighting that was efficient and bright" Sikes said. "Ringdale ActiveLED Lighting was an easy choice".