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Lighting Controls

Compound the value of LED

Programming schedules

Tell Lightcloud when to illuminate a zone and it will take care of the rest with auto-adjustments based on your time zone. Update schedules right from your smartphone, or just call us and we'll do it for you!

Daylight harvesting

Save your lights for a cloudy day. Lightcloud's wireless solar-powered daylight sensor will make sure you use only what you need. It's simple to adjust, and we can even do it for you remotely.

Dimming capabilities.

With Lightcloud, you can dim individual lights or adjust light levels for any area in your building. Combine dimming with occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting or scheduling for more energy savings.  

Occupancy/vacancy sensing

No one needs light in empty spaces. Lightcloud sensors save more energy by illuminating only areas where people are. Need to change settings? Just grab your mobile device, or just give us a call.