A farmer has a 30-year-old tractor. This tractor still works and the farmer is resigned to the fact the old tractor burns a lot of fuel and requires lots of maintenance.

One day a tractor sales rep comes by and demonstrates a new highly efficient tractor. The new tractor saves enough fuel to make the lease payments on the new tractor out of fuel savings. The new tractor also carries a 10-year bumper to bumper warranty that covers all parts, labor and maintenance at no additional cost.

The sales rep. also informed the farmer that he can take a first-year tax deduction of 100% on the new tractor cost. In fact the new tractor was so energy efficient that there is a rebate available for 15% of the tractor’s price.

The farmer told the sales rep. that the deal sounded “too good to be true.”

“Everyone thinks that” the sales rep. told him.

“That’s why the tractor manufacturer purchased an insurance policy from one of the world’s largest insurance carriers that guaranteed you will get 100% of the energy savings available from the new tractor. This and the warranty eliminates any financial risk to you for ten years,”

In the same way we replace your old fixtures and bulbs with new digital LED fixtures and advanced controls that are much more energy efficient. Our lighting electricity audit will detail your exact savings. Those savings are guaranteed.

We provide financing for the equipment, which is usually done on a five-year term. We also cover all maintenance and repairs for the first ten years at no charge.

You can take a first-year deduction on the new fixtures and a 100% deduction on your old fixtures book value. Joining with the local utility company, we can help you receive a rebate of 15% or more of your lighting system installation costs.

There is no upfront capital required. We supply the turnkey conversion to LED lighting and provide it to you as a service. You get the savings without any capital expense. We like to say it’s a riskless transaction.

Some things that sound too good to be true are real and available now from Go Active LED LLC.