Turnkey LED Conversions Guaranteed Savings

Sugar Land, TX 77478


Go Active LED®, LLC provides a unique risk free conversion of your existing lighting to advanced LED technology

We guarantee that you will achieve 100% of the electricity reduction that comes from converting to advanced LED lighting and control technology. Many clients see 70% or more reduction in electricity used for lighting.

  • We will conduct at NO Cost an investment grade assessment of your lighting system.
  • We will detail your electricity savings  
  • We will guarantee you achieve 100% of the forecasted electricity reductions 
  • Our guarantee is underwritten by a major insurance company 
  • So your upgrade to LED lighting is Risk Free.

Your LED conversion will not require any up-front expense

We will provide a professional turnkey installation of your new LED lighting system.

We will maintain all the LED lights and controls for 10 years at No Expense to you.

Unique is a word we don’t use lightly. Let us show you the exact electricity reductions available to you from Go Active LED.